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Privacy Policy

Section 1 - What do you say about your information?

When any product is purchased from our store, we can sell it? When we browse our store we receive your IP address correctly which helps us to identify your own operating browser.
Email Marketing: Through the permission granted by the customer, you may have sent emails about our store, our new products or any other updates.

Section II - Approval

How do we get your salary?
When you provide us with your personal information, and fix it from our store at any time.

When we request your personal information for a secondary part such as advertising promotions, either we ask you directly for permission or an eye giving you a clear opportunity to refuse.


How do you withdraw approval?
If you change your mind and want to withdraw approval after giving it to us, or you can contact us by e-mail:



Section III - Disclosure of information
We may disclose your personal information or request it legally paying off:


If you choose their location immediately, then you have received a credit card. (PCI DSS). Relevant information is stored so far.


All appointments and transportation are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

PCI-DSS requirements for effective vendor handling.


Section IV - Third Party Services

In general, spending on work. However, some service standards such as these transaction transactions are payment transactions.
For the provision and maintenance of services, to name a few.

In particular, some of the aspects that may be covered in limited areas of our member's laws are mentioned. If it has already been selected, then information about a third party, then your information may be subject to the laws of the country in which the service provider or its attachments are located.
For example, if you want to approach it. As soon as you exit our web site or redirect you to a third party service provider, you are just a representative of our privacy policy Links When you click on any link in our store, you can be redirected to another site other than ours. We are not, for example, any privacy practices or policies and encourage you to read their privacy policies.

Section V - Protection

To protect your personal information, we take effective precautions and personal allowances

If this is your personal situation, all you have to do is be perfect. AES-256.
On the well of not having a 100% secure way to save information online, explain all requirements for PCI-DSS requirements.


Section 6 - Cookies

Files from the "Cookies" line to collect information. You can customize the return to hold all the official profiles "Cookies" or to alert you then the conversion [files] "Cookies"


Section VII - Age of consent

By using this site, you know that you may be in the place of residence, or that you may be an adult in the country of residence you have obtained from this site.


Section 8 - Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the same at any time, so it will be reviewed frequently and will take hits, changes or clarifications into effect immediately when posted on the website. If we enter it later on.

If your store is bought or merged with another company, your information may be transferred to new owners so that we can progress in the process of selling the products to you.