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Riyad Al Masri Trading & Industry Est.

The company is considered one of the most important companies in the Arab countries, which have been introduced honey bee products, honey food, beeswax and propolis in the food, cosmetic and health industries, has been interested in the field of bees and products for more than 23 years and during this period has achieved remarkable success.

The company produces its products based on scientific research and high competencies, where laboratories were adopted under the supervision of researchers working continuously to develop products of high quality and effectiveness and depends on the formulations on natural materials 100% in accordance with the standards of health and safety.


Our goal :

Our products are the first choice for customers and leading in the field of health care and beauty.


Our mission and policy:

To ensure excellence in production in terms of quality and efficiency and that any product bearing the mark of Al-Malaki Royal is of outstanding quality, to become Al-Malaki Royal on any of its products is the title of credibility and quality.